Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little bit of this and that... updates and whatnot.

 I'm going to be doing some construction on the blog for a while trying to get it just the way I want it. In the meantime I'll attempt to get someone to read it so that I'm not just  talking to myself. Until then,  here are a few updates that have been going on in life.

  • We've returned to the 617. Yes we have returned to living in the house that was the inspiration to my blog in the first place. We were displaced for almost a year because my husband had to take a lower paying job due to the closing of his family's company. Of course the family company didn't close, and we lived with family members for far too long, but we are slowly but surely getting back on track. It's been difficult, probably one of the most emotionally difficult situations of my life. I really didn't expect it to have such an impact on me, I also didn't expect to end up in therapy with severe anxiety because of it either. Of course these are all subjects to be addressed in upcoming posts. 
  • My tiny princess is 2. She walks, and talks, and forms opinions. She has started playing "mommy" to all her baby dolls, and it's so heart warming to see her talk to them and rock them the way I do to her. She tells me all the time she wants to play the piano, the violin, and go to dance class. According to her she is a princess and learning to be a ballerina.  We are currently in negotiations about potty training, then hopefully the rest will follow soon after. 
  • I've fallen in love with blog reading, and although several of my favorite bloggers don't write too much anymore, I've found a few more that just make me happy to read. I plan to share.
  • I turned 30, in turning 30 I became a vegetarian. I have not had meat since the day I turned 30. It's kind of a deal I've made with myself about becoming healthier before I have health problems I can't turn around.  I've made it easy on myself by being okay with wanting to eat meat again if I decide it's what I want. So far I haven't wanted it. It's also helped with a lot of the health issues I was having before. My husband is a part time vegetarian, and my daughter is not. She likes chicken nuggets and hot dogs. I really try to shield her away from the processed stuff as much as possible, and we don't cook meat at home so as of now it's a once in a while treat for her. Hopefully as her tastes develop she will add more to her menu of acceptable foods and I can take away the not so great stuff as we go. 
So that's the updates for now, hopefully I will have some well thought out blog posts soon and this is not just another empty attempt to keep up with this. I know I have the time for it, I just need the motivation. So if you have read this, please comment with something to motivate me. Until next time. 


I've been thinking about blogging more. I really should write down all of these things that happen and pop into my head. There are several subjects I have thought about writing about, however the thought of writing where no one is reading makes me not want to put in the work. That's probably a bad way to look at it. I should write more, even if no one is reading. So I just may just dust off the old blog, dress her up a little, and get to writing the magazine of my life and all the things that interest me, along with the life and times of my family. Why not give it another go?