Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sold and Moved

     So most of the last month was filled with actually preparing ourselves to move because we accepted an offer on our house in 2 weeks. I never expected it to go that fast. Because we didn't expect it going that fast we passed up on the opportunity for 2 apartments that we really wanted, and of course we didn't like what was available when we were looking. Low and behold we found our house. The house across the street from family, on the water, original wood floors, 2 large bedrooms, and maybe best of all a lovely porch that always seems to have a breeze blowing through. Now that we are all moved in and our house was signed away in paperwork, we are getting settled into the rental lifestyle once again.
     Of course renting a house does come with some of the issues we wanted to get away from, like yard work... oddly enough, I've found my husband enjoying the yard work... even coming up with new ideas of things to do in the yard. I've even started planting things and they are growing! I'm not really that bad at growing things, but keeping up with it hasn't always been something I can do, I've also been known to pay too much attention and over water plants, killing them that way as well. So far so good.
      So far it seems that renting is allowing us to live in a nicer house in a nicer area compared to what we were facing with ownership. I can't really say that I've missed the old house a lot since we've left. Last year when we moved out to stay with family and rented it out I missed it a lot, there were a lot of tears all the time. Thinking back on that last night, I was trying to figure out why the tears last year and not this year. I suppose the reasons would be that last year we were crammed into a house with my in laws, and even though my mother in law would give us her entire house if I asked, I didn't want to ask. It was not my own space, that was hard. Also, after going back to the house and being fairly happy in it things started to go south very quickly with repairs that needed to be made but we couldn't afford. In fact, this week was exactly 2 months since we got the news of the insurance wanting to drop us for not being able to replace the roof right away. Everything has happened so fast.
     I do want to add though, because most people make the comment that we are lucky to have sold so quickly. We don't consider it lucky, we actually sold for less than what we purchased for. We accepted $10,000 less than what we were asking. Not a smart financial move, but we were coming down to the wire and really wanted to get out while we had the opportunity. Perhaps because the buyers were rental property investors they may have gone higher, but we weren't in the mood to take that chance. We are much less stressed now without it hanging over our heads. We are quite happy here, and the best part is that when we are no longer happy here, we can find the next place to make us happy... and grow a garden until then.