Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Here!

I've done one of those things that a lot of people do every year, and fail miserably at.  I've promised things. I've promised to seriously write this blog, (okay that's different from writing it seriously, because I know this is not a serious blog, but it is something I've been inspired to do).  I've started many projects that are going to take up a significant amount of my time this year.  Well I'm here to tell you folks (who are you folks? seriously, no one reads this, does this make me crazy?) that it's January 25th and I'm sticking to my plan.  In order to create a business plan for a bakery/deli, start working on my photography (or graphic design) degree, be a more organized mother, and write this blog about all of it, I required a computer.

Come with me, I'll tell you a story completely irrelevant to anything you are interested in...

Last July, when my 2 year old Dell laptop said it's last goodbye, I remembered making a promise to myself that I would not purchase another computer unless it was a Mac. (I actually said this before I bought the Dell, but you know what they say about people and their promises.) So I purchased an iPad 2. I really wanted an iPad, they are very useful, and it has turned out to be a very good investment. (Especially for the toddler, kids as young as 1 LOVE the iPad and everyone thinks my daughter is a genius because she can work any iDevice with a basic knowledge of what to do.) So from there to here it's been all iPad for me, but of course more of this serious type adult work I've been trying to accomplish would be better done on an actual computer.  So I cried for 3 days, researched PC prices at all the discount outlets, and then sucked it up and ordered my Macbook Pro.  Writing this may be the 3rd thing I have done since turning it on.  Having been a PC user my entire Computer aged life (in my generation is like 12 or 13), using this is like being in a beautiful foreign land. Everything is so interesting and nice to look at but you have no idea what to do with any of it. I'm sure I'll learn and my amazement over not having a "backspace" key will subside and it will soon be as if the world was meant to work hitting the "return" key.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm really starting to consider getting one of this coffee pots with a programmable option. Waking up to a waiting pot of coffee would be great motivation to actually leave my bed in the morning. I have been coming up with ideas of things to blog about, but writing them on my phone is a bit of a pain. Luckily, after going 8 months without an actual working computer, I've purchased a MacBook. I just really couldn't see spending more money on another computer I didn't care for that wouldn't even last a year. I love my iPhone, and my iPad, so I really don't think this love will be any different. There are so many exciting things happening and I can't wait to do them and write about them here. Computer gets here tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back shortly.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chicken noodle soup and building blocks

After making another successful pot of chicken noodle soup (from scratch), Sweet Pea and I decided to build castles out of blocks. (then went to bed only to stay up and watch 2 more movies, Gnomeo and Juliet and A Walk on the Moon) … Both better than the super cheesy movies of late (err earlier today anyway sorority wars) … I don’t know what’s with spending time on cheesy movies, but I think I’ll start heading in a better direction. Any Netflix movie suggestions sans cheese?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I always feel like I watch far too much television, so we’ve changed our cable to the bare minimum and cancelled the DVR and TiVo services. (TiVo, I do miss you so.) However sometimes when feeling under the weather (or afraid of the weather,) I like to mindlessly get involved in one movie after another. Some of them aren’t good movies, none are really awful, but while they aren’t my favorite Netflix always provides the opportunity to watch movies I otherwise would have never paid to see, some I’ve just never seen, and some great classics.

So far this year I’ve watched these 8 movies, (it’s only the 5th day of the year.)

You Again (cute, good cast, one timer)

No strings attached (good cast if you are into Ashton Kutcher, I don’t have a specific Kutcher opinion as of late, he was good in this one. I always like Natalie Portman.)

Return to Me (starts a little cheesy, and I’m usually not a huge fan of Minnie Driver, but this is actually a good movie. It’s predictable but appealing to the nearest bored man. My sister’s boyfriend who happened to be here while I was watching got interested and watched with me.)

Little Black Book (ah Brittany Murphy, I really liked her in movies. Every time I see her I think about when she was in the area filming the movie skeleton key and was

too Hollywood

to stay at the Holiday Inn… But I digress, I always think about that poor girl when I see her in movies, it really is a shame she’s gone so young.)

Revenge of the Bridesmaids (I like Raven, watch if you are bored, beware of horribly executed Louisiana accents)

Father of the Bride (like you haven’t seen it. Recently my sisters and I had a day on my couch with ice cream and watched part II, so I’d been meaning to refresh part I in my mind.)

History of the World part I (Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Bea Arthur… What more do you really want? One of my all time faves.)

9 to 5 (I love Dolly in everything, I love this movie, call me a sucker but I loved it when I saw it on Broadway.)

I wish I could this involved in books right now, too bad having a toddler and unimaginable loads of laundry don’t really make book reading as easy as watching movies.