Monday, April 16, 2012

Mondays are for...

Mondays are for organic toaster pastries, grits, coffee... blog updating... A new week of lecture reading, assignments, and text book chapters... Washing laundry from the weekend... Coffee with my sister... and later today Monday will be for rain.

To my shock, my first class is actually teaching me something. This is a strategies class for learning, doing college online, reading ability, time management, and basically how to work with your abilities and limits and use them to your advantage. One of the assignments last week was to make a calendar for everyday during the week to map out time for everything in your life. Of course including enough time for reading, studying, and doing assignments. I love my calendar. It has made me realize how much time everyday we actually spend doing very random meaningless things. Now I'm not one for enjoying having every minute planned out, but just allowing specific time frames for things has made it possible for me to accomplish an entire weekend in one day. Sunday my family woke up, showered and dressed, had coffee on the patio, played in the backyard, cooked on the grill, had a picnic, went to a birthday party, visited friends, made it home in time for baby bed time and mad men. It was very fulfilling to have such a full day to spend with my family. So if you can't tell, school is on week 3, and going very well so far.

One of the side effects of being so busy and not yet having cable in our part of the house is that I have been watching very little to no television lately. Mad Men on Sunday nights I watch when it airs, sometimes on Wednesdays I watch TV with the husband if I'm done with everything I have to do that day... and other than that i may watch one show online when i have the time. That's approximately 4 hours of television a week. Now lately my sweet pea has been in front of Sesame Street anytime she is home, luckily I've found her playing with her toys more even if the TV is on, but I hope to get her to do more without the TV soon.

That's pretty much what's going on in my head today. Now it's about time to get to work. I hope if anyone is reading this you have a great week!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Road trip, INSTAGRAM style.

Life at full speed

So this week I started school, part time, so far it's going well. I was able to complete all my assignments and reading for the week so that we could take a mini family vacation 3 hours north to visit family for Easter. We drove early this morning, eating at all our favorite road places on the way. Made it in time to still enjoy an afternoon at the zoo. This is my sweet pea's third zoo. I have been to more zoos in a shorter amount of time since having a kid than ever before in my life. Zoo's are fun.

Being the smart mommy that I am, I enabled tethering on my iPhone before we left town, so that on the ride and at my husband's aunt's house, in which we are staying, we could share the Internet connection. I luckily have the ability to access the Internet from my computer, and the iPad, and more importantly the iPod and Sweet Pea on the iPad... she may be a little spoiled? eh, who knows? We require a lot of technology to travel these days. I normally would have brought the iPad without the computer, but have I mentioned how much I love this thing lately? I LOVE this computer. I have had it since January, and I do believe I love it more and more the longer I have it. It is absolutely the best computer I have ever owned / used.  So many people told me it would be the best investment I could make in a computer, and that is so true.

Since we are road tripping it this weekend, I decided to bring out the big camera and snap some shots along the road and at the zoo. I'll follow up with an instagram pic post also. Tomorrow we shall search for more adventures.