Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I need to write more!

I really do need to write more, maybe one day someone will actually read this blog and there will be nothing to read, and that will be very sad. I don't know how likely that is to happen, but either way I really should be writing more.  So, what have I been doing? I have been dieting, reading the 50 shades trilogy, getting over the depression that follows the 50 shades trilogy, sniffing scentsy, spending time with friends from out of town, randomly going cross eyed, finding out I need "all the time" glasses as opposed to the "reading " glasses of yore so apparently i'm getting old yay, snapping pictures at absolutely every turn, STILL adjusting to life in the commune (my in law's home), watching the view, eating pepper jelly, spending way too much time on Pinterest, moving furniture, reading apartment therapy.com, and quite possibly getting my urge to bake back. Today I'm making square corn dogs in my pampered chef brownie pan.  I'm hoping to bring in some extra writing help and spruce up this blog a little.

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